Logo Showdown part 2 - Gemaire Group vs. The Verge


I've been reading The Verge since day one. I love pretty much everything about the site, from the incredible layouts and typography to the well written articles and features, to the awesome videos. I also love their logo. 

But recently I drove past a building I've driven past hundreds of times over the years. I had never actually looked at it before, but THIS time, the sign caught my eye. There it was, The Verge's logo, flipped around. But wait, this place had been there for years. 

I had previously written a brief post about logos using the letter P, and touched slightly on how similar many logos are, but I didn't really think much of it. When I saw this sign though, it made me think. Did this happen coincidentally? Did the person that designed The Verge's logo "steal" this design? Perhaps the person that designed their logo saw this same sign years ago and without even thinking about it, it got etched into their brain. I think this is the most likely scenario, but really, who knows?

It doesn't just apply to design either. If you hear a song you like when you're 5 years old, you remember it and sing it and dance to it, but unless you continue to listen to that same song it fades away. Twenty years later you might write your own song that sounds similar without even realizing it, because you had this snippet of a tune in your memory. You hum it because it's stuck in your head, but don't remember that it was actually a song you've heard before.

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by Mike Hoffman - Content Curator