Popular PC Video Games of 2017

Best Games of 2017

Console gaming is great for those that just want to jump in front of a TV, but PC gaming offers a much greater selection of hit games and can give a much more immersive experience, better graphics and smoother gameplay, especially if you have multiple screens and the best setup. Some of these games are available on your favorite console as well, but not all.

Here are some of the best games available right now in 2017


Overwatch (best first person shooter)


Many will consider Overwatch the best game of 2017. It's a refreshing new game that comes on the heels of yearly rehashes of popular games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. With over 10 million players and counting, you won't be alone when you step into this shooter. 

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Rocket League (best sports game)

Rocket League

Rocket League is amazing! Basically, it's car soccer. With realistic physics and super crisp graphics, you use your car to crash into the balls to score goals. Lots of good old fashioned smash 'em up fun.

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World of Warcraft Legion (best MMORPG)

World of Warcraft Legion

Thirteen years later World of Warcraft is still a solid, popular series. The latest expansion gives players a new continent to explore, new classes, new weapons, etc that make it worth your while to jump back into this game. 

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Dark Souls III (best RPG)

Dark Souls III

Forty plus hours of intense sword swinging, fireball throwing action make this the best RPG available right now. Gameplay is fast paced and downloadable content make this game a winner.

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Cities: Skylines (best city simulator)

Cities: Skylines

For those who loved SimCity but fell out of love after the 2013 edition that helped shut down the company, you will probably love this simulator. Expansive maps, traffic control systems, and higher populations will fill that void in your heart. 

There is even a Natural Disasters DLC that gives you earthquakes, tsunamis, meteors, sinkholes and more!

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Minecraft: Story Mode (best adventure game)

Minecraft: Story Mode

From the creators of Minecraft come this amazing adventure game that features voice work by Patton Oswalt and Cat Taber. 

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